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“With Coach K I went from finishing 2nd or 3rd to winning races.”

Andy R., Winner Crooms 50mile Ultra

“Running used to be difficult and exhausting, but Coach K was able to fix my posture and form, Then I won 1st place in my age group in my first duathlon.”

Lisa G.

“Since I have started the Better Bones classes, I have increased stamina, better balance and am more active.”

Betty O., Better Bones Student

“Thanks for giving me the gift of health this past year, and the ability and confidence to try new challenges.”

Debbie G., Bootcamp for Boomers Student

“I came to Coach K with an ITB injury that had plagued me for over a year and had inhibited me from running very much mileage. I had gotten entry into the NYC Marathon and was needing to increase my mileage in order to run the marathon. Through his program of functional strength training, Herb enabled me to increase my mileage and successfully completed the NYC Marathon.”

Dawn L., Certified Personal Trainer and Coach

“First of all, thank you for being a great teacher. The running class far exceeded my expectations. I really wanted to learn about running form and although I never expressed that – the class was perfect for teaching me correct running form and how to get in shape overall (bonus!). You worked with each student and really met each person at their individual level. Most teachers would take the easy “one size fits all” approach, but not you! I also really liked all the extra exercises that complement running. I truly balanced class with lots of extra tips. Second, thank you for being persistent with me. I don’t see much potential and got very discouraged when I didn’t lose any weight for 4 weeks. I was ready to quit. Thank you for taking the time to invest in my health, greatly appreciated! Although I may never be a fast runner….getting in shape is do-able!”

Deb R., Running for Beginners Student

“Just wanted to let you know that in 2 weeks I ran 5 minutes faster (was wearing my Coach K shirt too). This was when I had already run in Tipple race night before. Broke my 3 mile record and placed in all 3 of my last races. Really exciting.”

Karen L., Running for Beginners Student

“Coach, Thanks for letting me come to the AM boot camp. I really got a great workout. I actually did lunges (the right way) and afterward can feel the effect of them where I am supposed to and not my knees aching from doing them the wrong way. I really like how you make sure we do things the correct way. I am going to enjoy my recovery day tomorrow. I just a moment out of my day to tell you thanks for all you do and how much I really appreciate you. Have a great day!!!”

Sylvia H., Boot camp for Boomers Student

“Thanks for your help. I never would’ve attempted to run a 5K. Plus, I can definitely appreciate all of the effort that you’ve put into core, technique, etc. In fact, I think that my recovery was so quick at the end that I realized that I could’ve broken out of my little group and done better plus I think I could’ve run for a little longer if I’d wanted to or had to. So, for someone who hates to run and 12 months ago couldn’t have…. it was a good experience. Thanks again.”

Patti, Boot camp for Boomers Student