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Training for Runners

We are home to the famous “Running for Beginners” course that is offered through Santa Fe College. In addition, we also work with experienced and advanced runners, who would like to improve their PR times, move up to the next distance or correct nagging injuries. Our philosophy is to develop good technique and muscle balance- you will be amazed at how small changes can make a huge difference in your performance-before doing any harder training. We believe in making an individualized training program so that you can make progress without injury and meet your goals.

50K Ultra Marathon

Melon Run 5K

Sports Conditioning

Our Sports Conditioning sessions are designed for clients in either the Tai Chi Chuan or Run/Race Team programs. They are not meant to be used as a standalone conditioning program. All athletes will be surprised to discover how some basic training in Tai Chi will improve their Sports Performance. If you are interested in a different sport (Cycling, Golf, etc.) we can set up private lessons to meet your needs.
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Tai Chi Chuan

– Tai Chi Chuan was developed as a very intense martial art/ kung fu . It was very successful, not because of any mystical “CHI” but because of its biomechanical principles. Once you learn these principles, you will see a big improvement in your posture, balance, ease of movement and daily activities. Then you can-if so desired- apply these new skills to any sports or martial arts activities for improved performance.

More about Tai Chi Chuan.

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