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Training Classes 5 Steps to Success
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At Coach K Fitness, we follow some of our key basic principles. We believe that you need to develop a strong foundation first, and then add more skills in a free spins no deposit mobile casino for safe, injury free progress. Think of a musician, who first needs to learn basic scales before learning how to play a song. We recommend following this progress:

  1. Core Strengthing
  2. Movement Integration
  3. K.L.I.P.
  4. Speed and Plyometrics

Core Strengthening

We follow the principle that all movement originates from the core. This principle is common is all martial arts and has been used for thousands of years. Most recently, it has been popularized by the Pilates method of exercise. Think of the core as the foundation of building or the lug bolts holding the engine in place while all the pistons are pounding at 90 mph!

Functional Movement Integration

Functional Movement Integration is the scientific term for being able to control your body while performing any activity. This is different than holding a pose, lifting weight on a machine or doing crunches on a mat. Functional Movement is just that – MOVEMENT. If I can’t keep my balance while running down a mountainside what good are all those squats and lunges? We integrate the teachings of the late Dr. Vladimir Janda, Chinese Martial Arts and modern research from the NSCA.

K.L.I.P Programs (Knee Ligament Injury Prevention)

This is a research documented program proven to reduce the incident of knee injury/ACL tears in athletes, especially women. It follows a prescribed protocol that teaches the athlete how to jump and land correctly and strengthens the appropriate musculature.

This is important for athletes involved in sports with jumping or unlevel surfaces, quick change of direction and post knee injury.

Speed and Power Program


The Speed and Power program is the crux of Coach K fitness. Once you have built up your Core Strength, learned Movement Integration and how to protect your knees, you are ready for speed and power.

This program includes a wide variety of plyometrics and Sports Performance weight lifting drills that will improve your explosive power.