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Coach K’s : 5 Steps to Success

Step 1. I AM Responsible for my success

Coach K, my friends and family are here to help, guide and encourage me. However, it is up to me to follow the program and do the work.

Step 2. It will not be easy

I will not lose that belly, run that 5K or whatever else I want to accomplish by tomorrow morning. It is possible. Remember the little train.

Step 3. I need to have a goal

If I do not have a goal, how can I make a plan ?
With a plan of action, success is much more likely. (follow the yellow brick road)

Step 4. P.D.A. = Public Display of Accountability.

This one makes everyone cringe. Tell people what you are going to do, and more importantly WRITE IT DOWN !!!!.

Step 5. Do it!

Walk the walk, just do it, etc. etc. Actions speak louder than words. Yes, it is OK and encouraged to ask for help and encouragement along the way!